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The posts on this site are not a blog in the traditional sense. This is a collection of writings where each post may have several hyperlinks within it that connect to other posts. The result is a web of writings which are inter-related. In such a circumstance, the chronology of the postings does not matter.

Instead, these articles are like a pool where you dive in one place and swim wherever you want.

For those who prefer to look at the entire contents, click on the blog tab above for ways to access the complete list of posts.

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Kevin Grenier has written/edited several books. They may be purchased at Perieco Publishing or via
The Gospel of Freedom explores the freedom that we have in Christ – a freedom far beyond what most Christians even imagine!

Restoring the Church to Her First Love is a book for church leaders that discusses the practical aspects of pastoring a church with the presence of God at its center.

Undone explores what it means for individual Christians to experience the presence of God in significant ways in their lives.

The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of materials by and about Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, a 17th century monk. The book is edited by Kevin Grenier and includes background material, Scripture references and a concluding essay.

Thomas and the Lantern is a children’s story full of fun action for the kids and a deeper meaning for the adults. It is a great read-aloud book for families to discuss!

Surprise from Mount Spilgor tells the story of a young prince in conflict with the will of his father and what he knows is right in his heart. It’s a story full of action and adventure!

Rejection is a very practical and intense book that analyzes the issue of rejection in our lives and leads people to healing.