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About Gathering His People

wedgewedgeGathering His People

At the end of the age, God will be gathering His people together before Him. At that time, we will experience His presence and His love without any hindrances. It will be an awesome experience!

Between now and then, we have the privilege of seeking the presence of God and the opportunity of experiencing His presence in significant ways. But beware! The presence of God is not for the faint-hearted. If we are to experience the presence of God more and more in our lives, there is a cost.

Gathering His People is a ministry designed to encourage people to seek after the presence of God in a significant way in their lives. Through the writing and speaking of Kevin Grenier, Gathering His People is seeking now, before the end of the age, to gather God’s people together in His presence.

Kevin H. Grenier

Kevin Grenier became a Christian while at the United States Air Force Academy. He committed his life to Christ on June 10, 1980 while on take-off for his first solo flight in a glider. After graduation, Kevin served in the Air Force on active duty for ten years. His ministry experience includes serving as a pastor, executive pastor, directing a ministry to homeless people and being an Air Force Chaplain.

Kevin has a Masters of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary and has taught at both Denver Seminary and Colorado Christian University.

Kevin’s speaking style is conversational and intimate. His ministry, however, is not so much in what he says, but in how God has used him to help others in their search for more of the presence of God.

He and his wife, Lisa, live in Castle Rock, Colorado. They have six children and one dog who desperately needs to be groomed.